Serious PC Troubles, out of Action for a While

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Hi all, i'm having some serious troubles with my PC's and won't be around much untill i get something sorted :/

If any techies wanna check out the linked thread above, and have any advice, i'll check back here from time to time, and thanks.

Those with edit privs please promote news items to the homepage, and if anything important is happening out there, dont wait for me to post it :)




Reset BIOS perchance (= short some jumper, depends on your MB) ?

Note: maybe you'd better wait for some more answers first. I've been known to nuke some hardware, including a RAM bank trying to overclock a 486 and an amp meter when I was poking away inside a live tv set. My hair still needs lots of gel since then.


The A7n8X mobo has always been a problem one ... but this seems to be a piece of cake.

The error message you get is pretty standard: "warning!! cpu have been changed". It just means that something changed but you can proceed pretty much as normal. Go into your BIOS (hit delete while booting), make sure the important settings are OK. And restart. If you keep getting the above error just go back into the BIOS to check that everything is set correctly. In fact, the PC should boot even with several incorrect settings in the BIOS.

Doesn't sound drastic.


If you have a USB keyboard that may be why you can't get into the BIOS now. Try a keyboard on the PS2 socket.

(The Gentoo forums require a login and sorry, I can't be bothered to register)


I don't know what you mean by "power unit" but do make sure that if the gfx card requires power that you have a working molex plugged into it.


I'm back, partially :)

I've got the old machine working again, i just had to take out the CMOS battery for a minute or two, that seems to have done the trick..

Now all i have to do is see if i can get the new machine working. I've put my GeForce 5900 in it but it has only a 400w power unit, and im not sure that's enough - originally i had tried to put my 550w unit on the new machine but it just would not start up, period.

I think i have some manuals to be reading later in the week :) for now it'll just be good to get both machines actually running and start the Gentoo install on the new one - i can tinker with them later...

thanks everyone, im still out for today and part of tomorrow i think, it's probably best to just down tools and get this all sorted as quick as i can....



400 watts is more than enough for most machines. If you have several hard disks, a hungry graphics card, several optical drives and a high end processor 400 watts should still be enough. I don't understand the current craze for high powered PSUs. It's the quality of the PSU that counts, peak output, and consistency of output on both the 5V and 12V lines. A top quality 400 watt PSU is probably more powerful than a 550 watt anyway. Don't be fooled by the numbers on the box.


I've heard that argument a few times, and it seems reasonable.

I went through 3 PSU's when thying to get my beast of a gfx card to work nicely first time round though... this time, the 400w seems fine :)

I'm a little bit further down the road now, the old machine is fine, and the new one is over the worst of the technical bits with an AMD64/Gentoo install and is now busily compiling KDE, so with a bit of luck, i'll be logged into it as my main machine sometime today or tomorrow and by the end of the week will wipe the old one and put the dreaded XP on it...

Im still a little tied up, but im around more now the worst is over, so thanks for the advice, and looking after shop!

The battle continues

I'm winning the war, but it's taking time :(

I've now switched to the new machine as my main box, but have still to transfer over all the sites, db's, dotfiles etc etc. After making sure we're at least partially up to date with the Search news tonight, im going to attempt to configure the ALSA sound system before bed heh!

Switching machines is always painful, but i've gotta say, running a true 64bit OS is a wonderful thing - it's FAST baby!

but holy shit did they give me a shit case or what? this thing fucking rattles! - gonna have to call someone out to do a refit with a decent case as a house call i think....


Can't wait until I am on 64bit windows :O)

This thread makes me glad I left the hardware world long back *shudder*. Now I buy my boxes pre-assembled and only have to put windows XP pro on them.

Good luck with the hardware troubles!

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