Gates Talks Up Security for Longhorn

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Windows Upgrade Will Include Security Advances
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Turns out that Microsoft and old Billy boy are going to start listening. Apparently they've hinted that this release could still be delayed further. It's currently "expected" in December 2006. A beta version is still tabled for summer 2005.

"Our key goal in terms of Longhorn is that it be the highest-quality release we've ever done," Gates told the audience at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference. "At every stage of the way, we're going to listen to feedback."


hardware encryption

The security chip in computers running Longhorn would render sensitive files inaccessible if someone tried to boot the machine from a portable hard drive or floppy disk.

Can you say "Linux Live CD" ?

erm... long have they been working on this release now? Is there any logical reason why the world's biggest software company is finding it THIS difficult to produce a reasonably high-quality, secure piece of software?

Security chip? Does this mean Longhorn will be tied to specific hardware? Isn't that what everyone lambastes Apple for?

Am I missing something, or is this whole thing really as absurd and creepily draconian as it sounds?

security is so many things

... i guess their biggest security concern is securing their operating system from being copied. Next biggest is securing it from being overwritten with another one. Third is probably securing that it will still not be so good that users will not update.


Users are sheep. No matter what creepy stuff MS pulls with longhorn, most of the windows users of the world will do NOTHING - but use longhorn and update, like the good little sheep they are....

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