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Velocityscape has published GoogSpy which lets you see the Adwords terms your competitors are buying. You can get a list of all the companies bidding on a particular term, or get a list of terms per company. They scrape 500,000+ search results a day from Google in order to come up with this data.



I haven't managed to match it to any live terms yet, and it crashed a few times, but looks like it could be useful.

i love their adsense ads

scraping google and posting adsense on it, now that is gutsy. anyone want to bet how long this will survive?

Googspy exhausted by threadwatch visitors?

Check out the GoogSpy site, upgrading to a faster server to cope with demand! Must be all the TW visitors...

Due to GoogSpy's tremendous and rapid success, we are moving it to a much faster server. It will be offline for a couple hours during the process. Check back a little later and it should be much snappier. P.S. Check out the load on the current box... you gotta hand it to the little guy for tryin.

I thought the axe had fallen...

When I started getting 404s late last night, I thought they'd already been nuked. Got through about an hour ago for a few minutes. Thank you volatilegx for this one.

In wondering how much longer it will be there, I started thinking that this is not some naive little scraper site... It's an extremely sophisticated application, and this may well be a calculated test of a business philosophy.


trouble is it does not really show what keywords people are bidding on. You cannot see if they just showed for some odd keywords up because they had a broad match on.

It also only picks up a tiny fraction of the ads in for each company.

Where GoogSpy came from and where it is going

I am the president of Velocityscape and GoogSpy.com was my idea. I thought I could answer some questions about where GoogSpy came from and where we see it going in the future.

My company, Velocityscape, specializes in extracting, automating, and repurposing data on the web. In 2003, we brought to market the first full featured web automation suite under $30k. Our product is every bit as powerful as our competitors', but at 1% of the price, and GoogSpy.com proves it. In addition to Web Scraper Plus+ we offer a higher dollar product called Web Refinery cabable of extracting things like product mentions and executive bios from press releases and company websites. So, we have positioned ourselves as the most comprehensive provider of Web intelligence and knowlege integration.

So, that is where we are. GoogSpy.com is a proof of concept that with our in-house expertise and our product we were able to bring from concept to implementation in a little under two weeks. There are a lot of places we can take it depending on its success. Here's where it may go:

1. Integrate the data from GoogSpy.com into projects for our competitive intelligence, marketing, and financial clients.
2. Integrate additional information from our other databases (company contacts, company financials, press releases, company attributes (Microsoft Shop, Unix Shop, Early Adopter, Process Driven vs. Results Driven, Siebel-user, WebEx-user, etc.) into GoogSpy.com
3. Do the same analytics that are on GoogSpy, but for MSN, Yahoo, etc.
4. Include pricing information for Keywords as well as aggregate analytics for each company.
5. Expand the current result set for organic searches.
6. Sell the data as a feed.

All of these things can be done, the question are: Is there a market? If so, who wants what? and How much will we do for free? Related to that last question, the current views at the very least will always remain free.

I hope I have added something of value to your discussion. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. Thanks for your support.

Michael J. Roberts
President, Velocityscape, LLC


Welcome and thanks Michael for sharing your thoughts with us.
I think googspy might be a better example if you also provided a downloadable txt file of the data so potential new users could see how they can manipulate the data instead of just viewing it online.


So, you would like a sample set of the data in csv format, right? We can do that. The database in its entirety is currently about 9GB. How about the full set of results for one big company like Ebay or something. That would be about 5MB, I would guess. Great, then both Ebay AND Google would be after us. ;-) Let me know if that's what you are looking for.

Ebay ...

http://www.googspy.com/Company.aspx?id=14017 they bid on anything ..


Seems USA results

Is it possible to get UK results?

I'm missing something...

This shows what adwords terms companies are buying right? So if I put in a company's name, and do a search, I am supposed to get the terms that that company is buying in adsense?

I'm not seeing that as the case.


This shows what adwords terms companies are buying right?

From what I see it's simply the domain from the underlying link.


I don't think eBay would be the best example since they bid on almost every term. Offering a downloadable company report would be good, also a downloadable list of all the keywords and the number of advertisers per keyword. I think something like that would help to better demonstrate the product.


Hmm..I think it shows what terms the site *ranks* on, not what they are buying...at least that's what I've found.

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