Social Search - Load of old Bollocks?

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Another Social Network Search Play
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Putting social networking together with Search seems like a good idea on the surface, but my gut feel is that it'll have a whole bunch of over enthusiastic blog puppies bouncing up and down on it for a week or two before everyone get's bored and moves on. John Battelle brings us news of yet another social search project -

"If you are planning a vacation to Rome, a search on Multiply may yield a photo album taken by your cousin's neighbor during his vacation, and a blog entry written by your co-worker's nephew when he was backpacking through Europe," according to Peter Pezaris, Multiply's founder and CEO. "People often turn to Multiply first as an information resource because search results are more personal, trusted, and interesting than what one would find in a generic web-search on sites such as Google and Yahoo!. Multiply is the only place you can find these types of personal search results."

The search algorithm uses Multiply's proprietary proximity index, as well as traditional ranking systems, when sorting results. Rather than measure how socially close people are only by "degrees of separation," as many other social networks do, Multiply takes into consideration numerous real-world dynamics such as the real relationship between people (wife, roommate, co-worker, etc.) and the number of mutual relationships two people may share.

Must be great fun to work on as a project, but every social network i've joined, every project i've looked at, has just bored me to tears within a couple of weeks max...


As a Multiply member...

...the only 'big deal' I see about this is that there was previously NO way to search old posts on the site, which was a major oversight, usability-wise.

For non-users, it's a great big "Who Cares" I would think... it sounds like a really lame attempt at making a basic site-feature upgrade a bigger deal than it is.

Ooh, Nick... maybe you should develop your own search system for TW, and then put out a press release about the new revolution in the Blorum Search market! ;-)


I've been meaning to improve the search here for ages actually :) not a big task, but not a high priority either unfortunately...

Thinking of adding a bunch of different ways of searching all on one page. Like Google, Technorati, whatever else and then adding Y!Q to the individual posts and technorati links to check other posts referencing the TW one

At some point, i may even get round to doing it heh..


Considering my cousins, the absolute LAST thing that I would find of value in search results would be anything promulgated by them or their friends and neighbors.

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