Google in St Georges Day Snub Outrage

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Google in St George Snub Outrage
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Nice article in The Register where they muse on why Google avoided a splash to commemorate St Georges Day. This one was not, as you might expect, written by Orlowski...

They point out that The Register's web site has a tradition of celebrating the national days of those countries where they have either a substantial readership or from which we hope to extract the most advertising revenue. Google has celebrated World Water Day, 22nd March in case you missed it, St Patricks Day, St David's Day (all duely noted by the respective Nationalists at ThreadWatch), but not St George on April 23rd. Sinister, eh?

Accordingly, we demand a public apology and commemoration of one of the following by way of recompense: Battle of Britain Day (15 September); Trafalgar Day (21 October); The Day England Won the World Cup Day (30 July).

And if we don't get satisfaction in the matter, then by the Lord Harry we'll use another search engine to track down Paris Hilton's topless mobe snaps. Consider the gauntlet duly thrown down.

Google PR goes pear shaped again.


it was a weekend

Google don't ever do stuff like that over the weekend (do they?)


Waiting for the Koninginnedag splash now (30th of April). That's on a Saturday - I know. But if it's not there, then I'm going to take the Google search box off my pages - LOL.


When the British start giving a damn about St. George's day, I guess Google might start giving a damn...


>>When the British start giving a damn about St. George's day

Why should the British care so much about the "English" St George's day? ;)

"English" St George's day

Spot on

I somehow don't think that the rest of the world is too worried about the niceties of the racial mix in the "British Isles".

And most of the inhabitants of the UK do not realise that they live on a country that came into being only in 1801, slightly later than the USA or Australia.

Explain, Old Chap

Further explanation required, Cornwall, old chap.

Most of the inhabitants of the UK live in the country of 'England'.

You saying England came into being in 1801? ... or are you refering perhaps to the United Kingdom, which is, of course, not a country but a Nation State formed by the 1801 Act of Union.

FWIW - those interested in the concept of 'Nation', might want to read up on the work of 'Benedict Andersson' and his definition of a 'Nation' as an 'Imagined Community' - its food for thought, even if you end up disagreeing with the concept.


Umm, actually Australia came into being in 1901. Prior to that we were just a bunch of colonies who happened to occupy the same continent.


The English tend not to realise how, shall we say, unpopular, they are in the British Isles, let alone the rest of the world

The Cornish nationalists (yes, they do exist) regularly send me hate emails, as they believe Cornwall is not part of England. And don't like any of my Cornish sites having "Cornwall, England" on them, a necessity for searchers.

One of these days the boys with the baseball bats may be round to see me about it. Sometimes I think life is very unfair


Personally, I find it hilarious that England, Wales, Scotland, & N.I. are all "countries". Throw the "country" of Cornwall into the mix and it gets even sillier. The "United Kingdom" is small enough to not need separate parliaments for all these little rural areas in the North, South and West ;-) . East and West Germany merged into one country. The rest of Europe is trying to merge into one political entity. And the UK is still a combination of several countries??! Surely "United" isn't the mot juste anymore.


Next - there will be as many countries as there are Premier League clubs :-)

Ouch - two posts in a row...

Well never mind that.

I just wanted to report that we Dutch got our Koninginnedag splash (albeit only on ). So my site's google search box can stay on - hehe. Of course I'm wearing orange as I type this...

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