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Google Trademarks: TrustRank & The Neighborhood Wide Web
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Gary spots some interesting new trademarks just registered by Google: Trustrank, and the "Advertise on the neighborhood wide web"...

"TrustRank" was filed with the USPTO about a month ago. Interestingly, members of the Stanford Database Group have written a paper about the use of "TrustRank" to combat web spam that we blogged about in early March. Makes you wonder if the implementation of TrustRankā„¢ will be something coming soon from the GooglePlex. Stay tuned.

We talked about trustrank back in february - i still think it looks like pagerank with knobs on...


Revenge of the 'Traditional Marketing & PR' Sith

Why would Google waste time with "human-edited" sites? The logical extension of this would be to "trust" sites mentioned in reputable news publications. They already have GoogleNews, there's your pre-existing filter list.

So SEO needs to get more on the PR ball. (See "As Tech Starts to Re-Emerge, PR Takes a Cautious Approach", PRNews, 11/24/04).

Sounds good to me. This ought to take some weight off the damn link farms, and force more weight on solid marketing & PR.

Google searches for quality not quantity

New Scientist reports: Google has plans that will dramatically improve the results of internet news searches, by ranking them according to quality rather than simply by their date and relevance to search terms...

Now Google, whose name has become synonymous with internet searching, plans to build a database that will compare the track record and credibility of all news sources around the world, and adjust the ranking of any search results accordingly.

The database will be built by continually monitoring the number of stories from all news sources, along with average story length, number with bylines, and number of the bureaux cited, along with how long they have been in business. Google's database will also keep track of the number of staff a news source employs, the volume of internet traffic to its website and the number of countries accessing the site.

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