Yahoo! gets Personal Attention.xml

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Saving, Sharing, and Syndicating Search via My Web
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Yahoo's MyWeb get's a bunch of new features including the ability to save cached pages and block pages from results. They're also experimenting with Attention.xml.

"You can publish your My Web links via RSS and, of course, there’s an API for My Web published on YSDN. We're also experimenting with Attention.XML as a way to ship around My Web data. To try it out, go to any My Web RSS feed and replace the "rss.xml" filename with "attention.xml". As is often the case with brand new ideas, we haven't really figured out how exactly this should work, but there’s only one way to find out."

I havn't found out much about Attention.xml but you can read some history and follow links, here Chris Sherman has done a MyWeb SearchDay piece also.