Microsoft Pushes Ultra Mobile Computing

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Really Small Computers
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Microsoft's newest mission is pushing for a Mobile PC for every person. These are not run-of-the-mill laptops or desktop replacements. Microsoft is aiming for broad, general acceptance of a whole new category of carry-everywhere, always-connected computing devices with batteries that last all day long.

"The big goal by 2008 is getting to 100 million of these machines that are truly portable, that customers can carry a good fraction of their working day," said Microsoft's Bill Mitchell, vice president, mobile platforms division.



I will be the first customer. I will be able to bin my mobile. Thank god for that. 10 years chained to a box with only one function.

>carry-everywhere, always-connected

To his credit Bill did write about this a long time ago in his book "The Road Ahead".

Anybody Remember the NC?

NC = Network Computer (I think this is what he called it.) Bill was real big on this several back, even feeling like they were behind the curve. Of course, computer networking is quite common but not the way Bill envisioned it. I believe the concept behind it was for to have one main PC (or server) that all the other machines used to boot off from. One PC but several keywords and monitors (and very cheap boxes) around the house or office.

I think the real problem with having a completely portable computer is the ability to type. My cell phone/pda has a keyboard on it and I can check and reply to email with it but I don't because it's just not easy to type.

I did find this article from 1994, Bill talking about a PC Wallet:


I would not use it for typing. I would use it for making wi-fi calls on Skype and surfing for porn :)

i think

... Casio said the same thing 20 years ago or so. Uhm... make that 30 years or so. Of course, back then a computer was a computer.

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