Nokia takes on iPod

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Nokia offers new range of phones
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A BBC report on latest Nokia phones that Nokia has unveiled a music-enabled mobile that it hopes will put it head to head with Apple's iPod. And in the doing, reposition the Nokia brand away from its current position of being the Tesco of the mobile world.

The Nokia N91 multimedia handset comes with a 4-gigabyte hard disk, allowing users to store up to 3,000 CD-quality songs on their phone, Nokia says.

Nokia expects to become the largest seller of portable MP3 players this year.

Analysts are not so sure

"All the mobile manufacturers are chasing after the music market but it will be a challenge to compete with Apple because the iPod is such an iconic design,"

Seems that Nokia are trying to reposition their brand image

"In the high-end aspirational part of the market, Samsung and Motorola have stolen a march. The Nokia brand has not got that lustre and Nokia does not want to become the Tesco Value product of the mobile world,"