Affiliate Tracking Systems for Merchants

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affiliate tracking system accounting for recurring sales
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This thread is a mental self promo fest and that's no bad thing at all when the orignial poster, kidmercury is asking for recommendations on affiliate tracking systems. It'd be kinda lame if you didnt hear from the developers themselves right?

Well, and are both in there giving their best pitches and provided you take that into account, it's an interesting read for anyone considering opening an aff. program.

Would be nice if a few customers of these programs turned up though, i'd love to hear a less biased account of both programs...


Was just about to start coding one myself!

Though 2 programs is hardly a self-promo fest in my opinion. Though I will say the participants do seem to be going at it hammer and tongues.

MYAP aka

Todd Farmer gets my vote.
We use it at

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