Nokia to compete with iPod?

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Nokia unveil potential ipod beater...
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Nokia has announced a new line of pricey mobile phones including a high-end camera phone with Carl Zeiss optics and a handset with enough storage for music to potentially compete with the iPod.

The N90 features a two-megapixel camera with autofocus, 20x digital zoom, integrated flash, a special mode for sharp close-ups, and on-phone video editing capabilities.

The N91 comes with a 4-gigabyte internal hard drive that can hold up to 3,000 songs, depending on the music format.


Battery Life

Heard about the N91 I think it was on the radio last night. I can see things moving in that kind of direction, but they'll need to do a lot with batteries for phones to do it all.

Nokia UK guy said the battery life while listening to MP3's was about 12 hrs. Which is pretty good for an MP3 player, but do you want to recharge your phone that much?

Still, good tech, got to be the future.


After bringing Nintendo to its knees with their world-conquering Gameboy killer, taking on the iPod seems an obvious next move for Nokia ...

I don't doubt it...

Nokia is doing all they can to promote themselves as being a big supporter of music. They have a theater here in Arlington, TX to promote bands and such.

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