Tony Blair gets Google Bombed

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Have you typed "liar" into Google, recently?
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A month ago it was John Prescott getting Google bombed for "fuckwit", now we see young Tony has been branded a liar in the worlds #1 Search engine, aswell as almost the entire UK population of course....





There is some justice somewhere....but lets not get on to politics! Yay!

Makes one wonder

why they aren't featuring the whole shebang of world "leaders" under that rubric. Ample scope for improving their ranking algos yet ...


Show me a politician that is not a liar.
This does highlight another potential avenue of work for SEO professionals. You can now be hired by political groups to outrank and embarass the opposing canidates.

Now THAT'S a thought

and all those fancy job titles to come along with it: "Chief Search Smear Campaign Officer" (CSCO), "Political Search Leverage Manager" (PSLM), "Chief Election Optimizer" (CEO!), etc. etc.
Or why not, for short, if somewhat retro and Trotskyite: "Search Commissar"?

But seriously, this could hold a lot of fun potential (and even generate a buck or three). Especially when worked across the pond from bad "old" Europe - "all your presidents are belong to us", heh!

Would that qualify for GooglePlogging?

There already is the opposite...

I forget what it's called but it's along the lines of damage control. You'll be the guy hired to get 10 sites ranked above the site smearing a candidate/company.


I guess it's ok use blogs of politics but not of Viagra, Poker etc... MAYBE I WILL POST MY SCRIPTS, so that the Labour supporters can have fun Howard likes viagra and poker ... I think well my mate Howard does anyway


Methods vs Motives

It seems bloggers do not like making money but playing politics is ok. Personally, I find this good for a chuckle and couldnt give a poo what people I don't know think about what I think or do :O)

Not a very good googlebomb

Right now mr blair is half way down, surely a successful GBomb works on "feeling lucky"?

Sorry, Blair still number 1 British liar

Right now mr blair is half way down

Only true in, to the lad is right up there as the top liar


...and a fat #1 for "bliar" (which - I presume - is a liar in the B-category) :grin:

Not for me

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he's #1 liar for me

Now not that I'm suspicious but the timing is spot on - I wonder how long this took to orchestrate :?

chrisgarret.. calling me a "liar" then :-)


No, I am wondering why Google is penalising me with defective results ;O)

..I am not paranoid but I am sure people call me that behind my back..

Definitely a liar in Cornwall

Google in Cornwall

Google Screenshot

Perhaps its only "up north" that he tells the truth!


OK Cornwall.

What is the GoogleAnon link on the right hand side?


Dunno how that got there, m'lud.

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