Microsoft Water Down Longhorn Security

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Longhorn loses Palladium...
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Microsoft has further watered down the Next Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) technology that will ship with its forthcoming Longhorn operating system. VNU Net has a report detailing the cuts, which it seems, leaves Longhorn with only "Secure Startup" instead of the fullblown "Palladium" NGSCB.

"Rather than deliver nothing, Microsoft is saying: 'Let's do what we can deliver.' [Microsoft] had to cut functionality to meet a launch date," said Novoa. He expects the technology to be ready by 2007 or 2008.



Man, it's not gonna launch till 2006 and bits are already falling off...

didnt they drop a new filesystem aswell?


WinFS? Yeah, that went ages ago. About the only thing left is the 'Avalon' lark. Basically, they're removing any potential incentives for users (and more importantly, businesses) to upgrade.



Yeah December 2006. How much, that slips into 2007?

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