Yahoo Rips Adsense Ads

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Yahoo Rips Adsense Ads
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A WebMasterWorld thread has webmasters up in arms about Yahoo altering web pages when they are saved on Yahoo's MyWeb beta. Yahoo MyWeb is not saving exact copies of web pages, but some sort of altered version. The sort of thing found is..

Yes this is really dodgy. I just tried it out, and am not impressed at all, it moves the adverts to the bottom and breaks parts of some pages - exact copies indeed.

I just tried it out. I saw what they did to my site. Hmm. I don't so much have a problem with them putting their banner at the top (I didn't see any of their ads anywhere), but I do mind the Adsense ad being taken off.

Further provisos are that you need IE not Firefox, and also apparently you cannot sign up for MyWeb if your email address has a hyphen in it.



We are looking into this issue right now. We are still in beta so there may be one or two issues like this we need to sort out before full launch. If there are other suggestions that you have for new functionality or improvements to the product please send them to me via forum mail or add the suggestions to this thread.



too bad Google ruined the meaning of that word, eh?


tim - thanks for that fast response and good luck with myweb

Yes, they are indeed ripping ads:)

Not that it really makes much difference for my site but it kind of breaks the lay out. Anyways, they seem to be looking into it.
I get the feeling that instead of creating better search engines all kind of gadgets are built by search engines encouraging us to built our own miniwebs within a yahoo or a google. Then of course the saved websites can serve as advertisement vehicles. (Contextual) ads on content which probabaly already has (contextual) ads.. something like that although it starts to confuse me. It's a bit like enhanced bookmarks and I already have problems with keeping my basic bookmarks organized.

So it's not really for me but who am I anyway. That aside, as I am sure they will go on with this venture, I suggest to leave some more space for the saved page in the view above the scroll (never know how to say this in English, I mean the part you see before you have to start scrolling down to see the rest of the page). More space for the actual page can be achieved by cutting down the the yahoo bar which occupies about 1/3 of the page. A bit too much. Then again.... that's probably the space to be used for advertisements.

They call it

"Above the fold" Chinaman.


so it is the same as for print. Goood to know.


Nobody here sees this as a blatant rip-off? Beta or final release the underlying threat is the theft of our content. That's not going to change when the product comes out of beta.


I dont want to argue with you (Yes). I am not sure what is being "ripped off". A user is just saving things to their own personal archive. When a user shares a folder it is just the URL that is provided so we are sending the traffic to the site owner in that case. Seems like your objections are based on a misunderstanding of the product. Lets please base our accusations on factual evidence.

so what does it do exactly?

I'm too lazy to go have a look.

It caches the page but shows an amended version without the ads and with some formatting changes?

Personally I can live with formatting changes (and have been since WAP) but I'd be a bit annoyed if they're running off cache or removing ads (I don't tend to have ads but the cache thing could be an issue for some of our sites)

Another Misunderstanding

The default in MyWeb is to go directly to the live site when you click on the title and you have to click on the "my cached copy" link down below to go to your personal cached copy. Can people please try out the product rather than taking the misinformation in the WMW threads as fact.


>>underlying threat is the theft of our content

this isn't theft mate - really not much different than the user caching the page offline for later viewing...

Google's cache is more an issue of theft than MyWeb and I'll bet you don't have 'no cache' tags on all your pages....


After some admittedly limited testing, i can't find anything to dislike about this.

The prominent link goes direct to the site, the cached link displays my adsense and ads.

Where's the problem?


oilman, I do have nocache on all the pages that matter. I'm glad that Yahoo will be honouring that. I withdraw my comments.


yes - good to hear you're using no cache :) nothing like saving your content

Where's the problem?

The problem with stripped ads is not uniform, and is, as Tim says confined only to the cached copy. The more prominent "saved site" link goes to the site directly and does not effect anything.

One site I saved had the AdSense removed from the cached copy and reinserted at the bottom of the page.

I then tried it with ThreadWatch, same thing with AdSense, but not sponsors ads, stripped out and put at bottom. I'll add a screen shot later. When Nick tried it (2 posts up on this thread), his AdSense ads were OK, and not moved

A third site had the AdSense ads in the correct place on the cache, and they had not been moved.

One heck of a job to sign up for it all at Yahoo, but that is a marketing question not a moving ads question


Following on from that post above, I put up a (blurry) screenshot here

If you compare it with this page on ThreadWatch, you will see that the AdSense Ad (interestingly its for "we don't buy ads" ThreadWatch) is stripped out and reinserted at the very bottom of the page.

As I say, it appears to be spasmodic rather than regular in its application, and does only apply to the cached version. Don't think it will be taking the bread out of the mouths of too many AdSense advertisers, but needs sorted from a PR point of view.

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