Yahoo Search Looks Like Google 's Home page

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You need a yahoo account to do this.

First, go to and look at the portal like page with lots of stuff on it.

Now log in.

Go to and you'll get a minimalist page taht looks very similiar to Google's minimalist design.

Anyone know how long this has been going on?



this one?

I'm not sure but someone somewhere had a screenshot of it, or something very like it, a couple of weeks ago, I remember thinking they were going for the google look too...


You mean

since october though you dont need to be logged in to see it...


Yeah its been like that for a long time. Yahoo's main homepage is not their search page, it simply has a search box on it :).


I coulda sworn I got to the page *after* I logged in when I typed in

Not the first time I've been wrong. *shrug*

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