Local Search and the Future of the Small SEM Shop

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Local Search Marketing: A Huge Untapped Market
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Quite possibly, im becoming a bit of a Bob Massa groupie, I dont know, the stuff this guy writes just seems to strike a chord with me and this thread is no exception.

Chris Sherman posts about a searchday article which sparks some interesting predictions from massa on the future of the small SEM shop in the context of local search and changing business climates:

If you are reading this now with a cigarette hanging from your lips, Your'e 20 to 40 + pounds overweight, you're not sure if it's raining or not outside and you haven't eaten anything that was not cooked for you, came in a paper bag or prepared in a microwave in the last two weeks, if you are not comfortable with getting out of bed before noon, taking a shower and putting on some clean clothes appropriate for the business community, you may be in a position to watch some young whipper-snapper take your market share
Being #1 based on your ISP's location in Google for search enigne marketing may get you the call, but the guy willing to show up or invite the prospect to an office, (I guess the bedroom could be an office if you mnde the bed, but I'd feel a little uncomfortable talking to you in your pajama bottoms while sitting on your bed), is the one who will be able to getting the real deals.


mburgess also puts forth some theories/plans on how local search could be used to pre-test national campaigns. I tend to agree with the basic concept that this will change everything...


spooky indeed

The combat between large SE's and IYP is yet to start,
local search is very close to its next step with searchable attribute apps & local optimized spider food.

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