Beer makes you clever: official

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Beer makes you clever: official
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We have all known this for some time, but now some Swedish (they had to be Swedish) doctors have found that mice fed with moderate amounts of alcohol grew new nerve cells in the brain. They are not quite sure what conclusions you can draw, and believe thatm much more research is needed to explore the relationship between drinking patterns and their effect on the human brain. Volunteers needed??

it's possible that "the extra cells might help with learning and memory" - although we reckon the word "moderate" is key here since no-one who has ever drunk 16 pints of ale has been able to recall a single detail of the session come the following morning.


sign me up!

HAH! i knew it! all those hours in the pub do pay off.. i'll be first in line to volunteer for that study ;-)

Whacked Mice?

Soo... they grow nerve cells, but alcohol damages dendrites, so now there's more nerve cells, but the dendrites that bring messages to the cells end up damaged, nerve-cell structure changes...

Anyway, good for the mice, they get free booze, but does the world really need drunken, and more clever mice?

Hang on then ...

... I must have been an undiluted genius in my youth, 'coz it's not just beer ... it's TV too!

'Electronic Beer Head'

Yep, on my screen that's the Adword headline sitting right next to mat's TV too post.

(So, you see, there's this guy sitting at the bar staring into his beer, and he's got these rabbit ear TV antennas sticking out of his head, you know, like that Martian guy...)


all of the ads I'm seeing are telling me about how quitting drinking would be good for me :(

That's a cruel thing to throw at a girl at almost leaving the office time on a Friday night.

Must Be Bio-Targeted Ads

I'm getting ads for beer taps, pumps and pub glasses. Gotta say, it would take a great deal of beer for me to wear pumps... ;)


now I'm paranoid. I've been doing research which has involved drinks sites this afternoon - must have gone to about 20 alcopops sites. And now they think I'm an alcoholic?

I have; stop drinking by hypnotherapy, stop binge drinking, a couple of general substance misuse (I was mailing someone about stoned cats earlier as well - I'm doing a spyware scan in a minute!) and the rest general quit drinkings.

I use FF. This is just co-incidence isn't it?

Strange Loops

While reading GEB, the self-referencing aspect of this thread is interesting.

Now that you've added the word "alcoholic", I'm getting ads for hypnotherapy and dependency, along with an "Is Your Teen Drinking" home alcohol test ad. Gone is the ad for beer glasses and hopefully, beer googles won't come up. ;)

Interesting to watch the text additions change the ad selection. Certainly more fun than watching drunken mice. Let's see what an OBL will do.

A Guide To Finding Beer Glasses


Heh Gurtie - I get the same ads (FF too). I hope it's the browser we have in common - LOL

DG - I'm often quite content with the glass the beer comes in. You know, the brown or green one with the narrow top and the paper stuck on :-]


Well, from Gurtie's first 'quitting dirnking' post to DG's Beer glasses it was all AA, etc.

Looks like DG's OBL has now kicked in, maybe with a bit of reinforcement from Wit and it's back to beer heads and dispensers.

text additions

I've never noticed the changes in adsense that rapid on a blog like that - pretty cool. I wonder what kind of beer mesothelioma lawyers prefer?

Beer is better than Cancer

That's for sure.


The ads don't change - they seem to stick to the reader (or the geotarget - I'm not sure). D@mn, do they know EVERYTHING - these google people???!


I'm still seeing one ad for beer taps and pumps... but as I already have two beer pumps at home, and have no interest in CO2 tap systems, it's missing the mark.

And I don't have a teen, so I'm pretty sure "my" teen isn't drinking...

...and hypnotherapy, nutraceuticals and 'alcohol recovery' really don't draw me in either.

Now, about those mice. Perhaps if they grow enough brain cells, Google will hire them to further enhance their ad-targeting technology?

No Interest In C02?

Been looking into beer tap systems, refrigerator conversion kits, keg couplers, tap markers, etc. I've got an uncle that collects tap handles or tap markers and I was hoping he'd hook me up with a nice antique tap handle when I set up the kegorator.

As for the mice, what's the use of all those new brain cells if the dendrites are damaged? Bunch of loopy cells that can't communicate with each other. Sort of like Congress...


aah - now politics should kick off some geotargeted stuff for here at the moment. Politics. Elections. Lies.

oh - and drunken mice are quite funny.


Poor little things. Remind me of my usual forum avatar...


happy loopy mice tageting ads for beer?

> drunken mice video, line the edge of the table with ads, let the mouse go - voila - DMRank (drunken mice rank) for ads. I suppose you could shout topics at the mouse so that it would choose on-topic ads.


I'm right there with ukgimp, I work hard at getting as smart as I can every night of the week (and some days).

One thing I'm sure of, it will be a lot easier to catch a drunk mouse no matter how smart it is :)


Why d'ya think my mouse is inside a wheel all the time? LOL

but do you have to tie his mouth up?

poor little thing can't even try and get drunk now.


Straws : ?

Mice are creative little critters...

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