Hugely expensive Mars Rover stuck in sand

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Boffins play in the sand...
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Turns out that "Opportunity", the Mars Rover is stuck. report that the stricken vehicle is OK for the moment and that NASA engineers are working to get it moving again.

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has run into a sandy snag. All of its six wheels have sunk in deep into a large ripple of soil. Rover operators are optimistic they can extricate the robot from its jam, having gotten dug in before. But ground controllers will need time to wheel back on top of the soil again.



Hugely expensive Mars Rover stuck in sand

The Mars Rover is a bargain compared to the British Beagle which cost millions and never worked :)


They should have put some superswamper on that thing instead of those freaking lego wheels.

Sols past "warranty": 361

Not too shabby for a machine that was only supposed to last 90 days, ahem, sols. It's definitely returned its cost many times over in terms of exploration, science and just pure excitement for this armchair space traveler.

The lastest Opportunity update didn't make this problem sound too serious. They have had much dicier problems in the past.

The rovers' site is not the most intuitive to navigate, but if you haven't as yet visited you should give it a shot, even if it's just only for the neat pictures.

British Beagle

Hey Goodroi, it almost worked, we know why it didn't work (nasty martians kidnapping our probes) and our scientists look like real scientists. Don't knock the Brit space programme :)

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