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Skype Beta Released for Smartphones
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Beta News reports on the release of Skype beta for smartphones. Unfortunately it's only for Windows based phones right now but VoIP for your phone get's just a little bit closer to a reality...

Internet telephony company Skype has issued a beta client for use on Windows Mobile based smartphones, which could one day enable users to make voice over IP calls using a mobile phone. For now however, the beta release only supports instant messaging and no voice communication.


Wonder what's so newsworthy

about that except perhaps for Windows smartphone users: Skypephones (or adaptations) have been available for ages now.
We've been using the cordless hybrid DualPhone - -
which allows both Skype and conventional landline telephony for months now and it works just fine. Saves us tons of money in phone charges, too.
Our US and UK phone numbers are part of Skype's SkypeIn program, too - again, very neat and very cheap.


There is already a handheld PC/GSM Mobile/wifi enabled device which runs skype from anyhwere you can get connected to a wifi point. It's the HP 6315 if my memory serves me well.

I would not rush out and buy it though. 6 hour battery life and problems running skype for some mean it's probably better to wait.

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