When Link Removal Business Gets Dangerous...


No matter what my personal stance is on link removal mess we are forced to be dealing with now, I can understand when it gets useful: A naughty website owner gets hit by a manual penalty or a filter and wants to get his/her records cleaned up. In this scenario, that website owner goes to a legit company and asks for help.

What if a link removal business gets pro-active with pitching their services and starts coming to website owners with statements like this one "Google may have penalized your site"?

With all the FUD around link penalties that is flourishing right now, I can imagine how this approach may be highly affective!

But if you think about this for a minute: This is evil and dangerous phenomenon that may get out of control. How many innocent and clueless website owners (who may already know you CANNOT be 100% innocent nowadays and one day you will get hit) will be freaked out to receive such an email!?


Not a fan of the method, but the message is fine to me...

I think this qualifies as SPAM, so I can't say that I support the methodology. However, I don't see anything wrong with pointing out to someone in the appropriate context that their site has some problems (whether they be on-site or off-site). 

I find it far more

I find it far more interesting that I have never once been questioned if I was the person authorized to ask for a link removal. Ever. And I never use anything other than a throw away GMail account to send out the requests. 

Can I hire you to remove my

Can I hire you to remove my competitor's links please? :)

Yup. Cost 5x as much to

Yup. Cost 5x as much to remove as to place ;) 8x if they aren't yours ;D

How much if those links ARE

How much if those links ARE NOT BAD AT ALL? ;)

link building

in case of link building we have to focus on relevency alot and that site must b trusted

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