Jeeves: Spyware, who us?

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Ask Jeeves Denies Spyware Charge & Other Accusations
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Back in January i mentioned accusations of Jeeves pushing spyware, now Danny Sullivan posts a denial from Jeeves, and some details of the MS's flagging of Jeeve's software as spyware...

From an email sent by John Park, SVP Desktop Products:

Ask Jeeves' toolbar products, including My Search and Fun Web Products, are not spyware or adware. Our products do not collect personal information, do not monitor the sites a user visits, do not monitor a user’s behavior on the Internet, do not log or track keystrokes and do not serve or facilitate contextual or pop-up ads. We also do not generate log referral spam. Anti-spyware/anti-adware programs do not flag us, including those from Microsoft, AOL, Norton, McAfee, Symantec and a long list of others.


so what does do then?

sets home pages & overrides default search options.
Not strictly spyware but maybe a first cousin to spyware


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