Google Maps Can't Find a Pub!

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Google maps can’t find a pub
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Ok, that's it! I've had enough. I can live with bad algorithms, i can live with good algorithms that don't like my bad sites, i can live with the fear of monopoly, privacy invasion and all manner of other things you can find to moan and groan about on Google, but dammit, this goes way, way to far....



it's surreal

If I search for 'indian food lewes' I get a leisure centre in the midlands. Lewes is a town in Sussex (southern UK).

if I search for 'lewes' it finds it. A search for 'indian food lewes' then gets me a strange list of places including the local MP (who's as caucasian as you can get) and a pottery supplier, and some of them are a long way to go for a takeaway.

'indian food brighton' gets me places which sell indian food in brighton. Hurray.

'indian food lewes' again now gets me 9 curry houses in Brighton and one a couple of miles out of lewes.

Yell gives me 4 results for indian food in lewes, 3 of which are slap bang in town.

Just out of interest if I search 'indian food manchester' it gives me results in manchester and if I do 'indian food lewes' again it tells me "We could not understand the location indian food lewes". Well quite.

So I think there's a technical term for this.....

It works on this side...

I can find Irish pubs or Indian restaurants within a mile of my house.

I think the trick is to live on this side of the Atlantic.

I think this guy can't find his keyboard

It is one of the two examples (pub and fish&ship) I took when I publish the news on my blog. There a tons of pub (singular or plural) in Google Maps UK

Yup, the idiot cannot use the maps

I have got the Google map of Cornwall up, interrogated it for pubs and it gives me 7 of them withing 2 miles of here.

You can get hundreds of pubs for Cornwall alone

Never, ever believe anything a journalist says to you !

well I'm on the idiots side :)

'cos it won't even give me a map of cornwall - it makes me choose a specific town when I ask for any county.

If I try 'pub cornwall' it gives me a variety of pubs around Manchester.

You'll be short of a pint!

Get a smaller area of map, and just look for a "pub". I think it just returns about 10 locations centred on the map you have selected.

You can slide the map around by hand on the screen

easiest way to find things in gmaps...

You can also use the below command to find something in a specific place.

pubs, loc:leeds

...will bring up pubs in leeds. you can do it from the full UK map as well, don't have to be zoomed into the area you want first.

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