Adwords Policy on Special Logo Days

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Adwords Policy on Special Logo Days
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I noticed the Google "Teachers Day Logo" last night. I also noticed there were 2 advertisments. They were related to teachers kinda but not really. I said if I can put some of my general intrest consumer goods up there for a nickel mught not be a bad idea.

I woke up the next morning my ad had been disabled along with the others. There weren't enough impressions for it have come down automatically. I also noticed a new ad. I had some errands to run so I left the house. I came back the ad from the mornign was down but anothr was in it place. Time to pick up the kids from school. After snack time and homework the previous ad was down but another one was up. Time to start cooking dinner. Checking again the previous ad was down and another new ad was up. Detecting a trend yet ...

I may be wrong but I've never seen an offical policy forbidding you from bidding on special events keywords. I will concede that my ad was relevant to all consumers but really had nothing to do with teachers. However some of the ads I saw were absolutely teacher related.