Engadget vs CNET Catfight

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Engadget VS CNET Catfight
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Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc, and tech giant CNET are embroiled in a bitter cat fight of scoops, ethics, embargoes and gadets. For all appearances, it looks like CNET are the ones out of line, stomping their feet and crying about getting scooped to often in the gadget news race.....

Cnet Says

There are no secrets in technology today. Thanks to rumor sites such as Engadget, Gizmodo, and the army of sniffer sites they link to daily, nearly every big product release (along with some small ones) has been revealed, dissected, and evaluated long before it hits the shelves. Leaks, once the primary purview of political and business journalism, are the bread and butter of modern-day gadget hounds...

But at this point, the only ones who are still following those rules are the journalists whose job it is to give you complete reviews of new products, so that you can make well-considered buying choices. Here at CNET, for example, the way we review products is to obtain a loaner review unit from a company, which is always returned, and test it for our reviews. We are never, ever paid to review products, and the review unit deal with vendors relies on a well-honed, ages-old system of honoring embargoes in exchange for access. But thanks to the new model of leak, rumor, and slow-in-coming confirmation, that system is becoming increasingly untenable. And you're the ones who are missing out.

Engadget Says

We follow the same exact ethical standards as the WSJ, NYT, PBS, and NPR. We do not keep review units and we don’t get paid to blog about products. The fact that you’re insinuating we do is absolutely false.

Had you taken the time, as a “journalist,” to call me or do two minutes of research you would have found this out.

The fact that you’re losing scoops has nothing to do with ethics, it has to do with hustle—something you clearly don’t have since you couldn’t even be bothered to get your facts straight in this editorial.

Put the PDA's and smart phones down we want a nice clean fight ...