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Anonymous Proxy List
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Wonderful, i've been looking for just such an proxy list scraper for ages. This tool scrapes StayInvisible's lists and formats them nicely for use in your applications or with SwitchProxy according to country and type.

Strangely enough, i have to thank Jeremy Zawodny for the tip off....


Do you sometimes think...

...that when no one comments on a post, they're all too busy going out and downloading the scripts mentioned? :)


I see these posts and I feel a knot in my stomach. I dont know how good their script is but we have spent a year on ours. I dread the idea that open proxies are going to get overused, causing them to be rendered useless, and causing all the work we put into it to go to waste.


Script Skeleton

The script above is actually very simple. It just makes a couple of HTTP requests to the list dispensing pages and formats the output. Personally I would have thought just grabbing the .txt versions would be fine, it certainly is for SwitchProxy.

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