Unsavoury Ebay Bids on Adwords?

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That's just not right...
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Following the recent interest in GoogSpy i've found the list of words that Ebay bids on in Adwords. Now, as you'd expect there's a lot of unrelated words in there, for example:

magnetic field
magical world

...but Ebay have also decided to bid on these rather less acceptable words...hmmmm

s*x with animals
s*xually explicit
s*x wanted

and perhaps the most worrying of all "s*xbaby".

Should Ebay be doing this? I'm really shocked at some of the words in the list, there's thousands of words and some i don't think i should post here.



well I hate to tell you

but there are two objects for sale under your main example.

I'm not checking them all (I don't want the FBI round about my ebaying habits thank you) but occasionally when there's an e-bay ad for something stupid I click on it and it's amazing how often there are actually results.

That's not the point really....

Are you saying there are things for sale under "s*x with animals"?

Surely Ebay shouldn't be selling that sort of stuff!?


its the name of a song. Apparantly.

You're right there should be things which no ads are allowed on and certainly some which companies shouldn't broad match for (I presume it wasn't a deliberately targeted ad) but I guess if the product exists then people could be searching for it and the ad is valid?


Aha, you can't seriously be telling me that someone is selling "teleportation" on Ebay?!

I know, maybe i could be a song title or a band....

...it just seems really stupid and annoying.

not only teleportation

but also special hats to do it with

you must have seen the classic? Stupid yes, annoying - if they want to spend money on it let 'em. You can buy a used Aaron Wall on e-bay at present. I'm more tempted by great deals on Danny Sullivan myself ;)

A search for Wit was completely ad-free...

...should I be happy or sad?

Maybe the search should be more explicit and to the point - heh.

no ads for me

how sad, ebay has no desire to advertise dazzlindonna. just ruined my day. maybe i should change my name to temptressdonna.

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