SEOInc Sending out Cease & Desists

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SEO Inc Sent Me a Cease & Desist
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Seems like there may be a little too much stress at SEOInc after their recent spanking from big G. They were reportedly, totally wiped out from the Google and are now lashing out at those commenting on the news...

Seems like a very bad move to me...


I'm sure you'll be getting one shortly:.)

Actually, this could be an effective way to build on topic links.

I love the Ads ...

I'm seeing: "Blacklisted? Site Banned? That happens when you're a slave to the search engines. Free yourself now."


Wonder if that's why the WW thread about that ( is locked... don't think that's gonna stop the c&d.


I am seeing ads for spam generator....LOL


Thankfully, Google still has a cache of Blogoscoped's original post. I'd not have removed it tbh, its not libel, as its factually correct, they were quite obviously penalised, as Nick's google search in this very story demonstrates.

Now, to sit back and wait for SEOInc to serve Nick :o)

SEO Inc, I heart you

They ought to know better.

SEO Inc, you suck! Now C&D me.

sweet targetting!

Now I see them on Adsense on the left lol... SEO Inccccccc, I know you see me ;)


"banned" and "penalised" by Google are not observable phenomenon that outsiders can just toss around about sites, because you have no way of knowing it to be true. That language is harmful particularly when discussing the website of an SEO firm, where SE position is a measure of their credibility. I'm not surprised that they C&D'd them. It would probably be best to stick to discussing specific sites in terms of the observable phenomena -- "banned" and "penalised" are always speculative terms with Google, and can't be established as fact by anyone except Google employees, who are probably contractually prevented from talking about it.

Censorship Fans Rally Round

I'd have thought that disappearing from the serps was a clue, but who am I ...

... Do you seriously believe that speculation should be silenced by suits? Should we really wait for the grand jury?

It's censorship by fear; the weight of an expensive lawyer used to get around the Right of Free Speech. But that's my personal opinion, and does in no way reflect or suggest anything about the opinions of TW, SEOInc, their lawyers, hamsters or mothers-in-law. Please assume a humiliating and grovelling apology appears {HERE}.


disappearing from the serps does not necessarily mean you were banned or penalised.

Unfounded speculation that harms my business is going to be addressed. I probably wouldn't start with a lawyer but if I was SEO Inc. I might think time is of the essence and a lawyer did produce the desired effect...

They love C&D's

I was served with one by SEOinc's attorney a few months ago for a post I made on search engine watch.


What did you do, Jill? Oblige, or be obdurate?

Disappearing Act

disappearing from the serps does not necessarily mean you were banned or penalised.

Sure, but when a large, long established site progressively disppears without trace after commenting on gaming Google, a little speculation is entirely reasonable, and certainly not actionable.

At least, not on Planet Earth.

i would agree...

but it doesn't have to be actionable for them to sternly ask for it to come down..what really happened here is the author of the post decided that it was in his best interests to take it down.

and that's where it gets all twisty, because my first thought about this was no SEO would be stupid enough to sue a blog. Well, maybe if the SEO got to select the anchor text of his GoogleBombing :)


Danny posted on this issue as well.

Who is Philipp to say that SEO Inc lost the biggest proof that their services were worthwhile? Actually, SEO Inc. made this suggestion. Until recently, it had these claims on its web site, which Philipp's article lead off with

sounds like SEO Inc wants their cake ane desists it too :)


What did you do, Jill? Oblige, or be obdurate?

I told Danny about it, and that if he wanted to take down my post, it was fine with me, but if he didn't, that was okay too. I also gave him a copy for Jupiter's attorneys.

I haven't actually gone back to look lately, but last I checked, my comments were still there. (The letter I got didn't specifically say to remove them, just to stop my "continuous and protracted campaign to discredit and damage the company....)

But if it's not actionable ...

but it doesn't have to be actionable for them to sternly ask for it to come down..what really happened here is the author of the post decided that it was in his best interests to take it down.

No, they should ask politely. If you have any belief at all in fredom of speech, then you'd accept that he had a perfecty right to make his speculative thoughts public; it wasn't a campaign, it was a discussion. No more, no less; a bit of giggling at someone else's misfortune does not constitute a campaign of denigration.

Therefore, there lawyers have nothing to take to court, they are bluffing; and in my personal opinion, to which I am entitled, they were bullying as well as bluffing.

He thought it was "in his best interests" because he was intimidated by their threats - he said so, though not in so many words. Didn't he say something about not being able to afford a court case or something? I cannot recall the detail.

I repeat that these are my personal opinions, to which I am entitled. I do not believe TW is infringeing anyone's rights, or is carrying on a campaign of any description - but I would completely understand and not be offended if my comments were removed following any similar threats from anyone's legal team. Including mine.


Do C&D's pull any weight in Europe? Can they be enforced if the poster and server are in country X,Y or Z?


I can't say I disagree with you, seo2seo. I just think that if I was in the spot the seo firm seems to be, people's livelihoods on the line, answering the kind of questions their customers are asking right now, not to mention the fact that there is a lot of poorly-disguised glee from the professional community over this event, I probably wouldn't feel real polite either. A letter from a lawyer is just a tactic (and it's own exercise of Freedom of Speech, I might add), and of questionable effectiveness at that. It will probably stop futureposts from scaredy cats, but the next guy they attack will probably just stand up to them, and then what are they going to do?

and it's own exercise of Freedom of Speech, I might add

Is an excellent point.

Thinking about this I think it shows one of the strengths of the webmaster commuinity. There are many who at the first wiff of a C&D will take stuff down. On the other hand we have Mr Sullivan with the strength of the Jupiter legal team behind him [DNT Jupiter legal] and then we have some really strong individuals capable of causing real mischief and slipping back into the shadows.

It seems SEOInc believes it can bully the commuinity, I think these tactics will backfire and it makes them look weak and lame, even weaker and lamer than using tarts in tight t-shirts with "want to be on top" printed on them [but only just].


So, what's the most popular g-bomb phrase for SEOinc nowadays? - hehehe

Lamer than tarts in tight t-shirts ...

I'm biting my tongue, here ... ;o)

The next (I just typed sext) trick will be a relaunch with a new name. And probably new T-shirts.


The next (I just typed sext) trick will be a relaunch with a new name.

I may be wrong (and I hope they don't sue me if I am) but I do believe they've had to resort to that some years ago already. (Used to be seoink I believe.) Again, I may be mixing up my facts, and they may have simply changed their name for branding purposes, and probably shouldn't even be posting this under the circumstances, but that's my recollection. I will do some additional digging to be sure, and will post the facts here as I find them.


Im very dissapointed that Philipp didn't just tell them to fuck right off, i would have done.

I mean, who do they think they are?


Just say that you're dutch, and you can get away with anything.
Get a .nl blog - hehe.
Dutch people spit on lawsuit threats - especially in freedom-of-speech issues like this one :-) They think that "lawsuit" is a synonym for "whine" - judges included.

yes, seoinc & seoink are joined at the hip

Whois reveals both domains owned by a Garry Grant (but at different addresses

Search gives this Jimworld thread with a comment by cjtripnewton in 2003

Let's give SEO Inc. the credit they deserve. They sat in the 15-25 range for several of our top industry key phrases for about a year, floundered a bit in the past by relying on two sites instead of concentrating on just one (remember, then did a major redesign a few months ago. Ever since, they've been riding high in the results. Remember the old exclamation point design?

They were also...

Nice quote from Garry Grant here

Then I came across this article of 28th march 2005 that has an interview with Garry Grant, CEO of SEOinc. You can probably see why he is touchy about what people are saying at this moment about SE banning, when he is quoted there as saying

In many cases, the search engines are banning sites that use spamming tactics.

Getting banned from search engines can harm a company irreparably.

"It'll shut a business down," said Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc., a search-engine optimization company in Carlsbad.

Garry then goes on to give a list of things that dastardly people might do to spam search engines.

same article

Garry said:

Link farms. This tactic involves the creation of Web sites, sometimes hundreds of them, whose sole purpose is to link to another site. That tricks the search-engine bot into thinking that the second site is popular because so many other sites link to it. "It's a fraudulent way to manipulate link popularity," Grant said.

Quite right.


yipes. the web sure has a long memory.

Even if a site disappears, the fact that its disappearance is remarkable is important IMHO. It keeps people talking about you, and it gives you a chance / excuse to interact with the community and help build friends and other marketing channels.

If one of a sites primary marketing mediums dries up (even temporarily) then the last thing you want to do is alienate people by trying to control or cut off other discussion.

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