Google’s recent stance on site owners is fundamentally and completely immoral </quote>


Here's the story of Josh Bachynski who discussed these issues with Matt personally and Matt explaining all Google's difficulties fighting spam (that small businesses have to suffer from)

The story is a must-read. Whether you believe Google is good or evil, it doesn't matter (I haven't decided yet as well). Or whether you believe complaining is a waste of time or not (when did voicing out your concerns become a waste of time in America?) Just read it and think. Some things need to be said, even if it is a concern of just our small industry, and not anyone else's....

It doesn’t matter if you think Google has the supposed “rights” to change their front page, or prune their index, or disenfranchise “bad” site owners. Never forget they are demolishing people. They cause harm to other human beings by doing this! Just because you do not have any legality restricting you, doesn’t make it the morally right thing, or a good thing, to do


It is not bad enough that they choose to disenfranchise others, but they actually go so far as to think they are morally justified in doing so. They are arrogant enough to think they are the good-guys in this movie

P.S. Josh, those are great, great words. Thanks!


I wish people would stop blaming their victims

This is a really long post, but well worth reading. Most know how I feel about what is going on so I will spare them - at least for now. I commented on that post somewhere, but don't see it at that link. I don't expect Google to stop being evil, but I really wish people would stop blaming their victims as though they set out to be damaged on purpose. That is how they can continue behaving the way they do - because so many will latch on to any little thing to make the victims the cause of their own damage. 

Those who actually go around

Those who actually go around crying how Google was right penalizing anyone and how they are making the SERPs better - those people are seriously getting on my nerves actually :)

Glad to see this

I know that google is constantly changing so we need to keep on top of them


They are the only guy in this movie.

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