Googles Blogger to go Mobile

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Dirson reports that is to provide a mobile service where you can submit text and pics to your blog via mobile. The tip off came from a (now) password protected post on Blogger, and we should expect to hear more within the next couple of months...



So now they can annoy users by both regular internet and by mobile? Joy.

I wonder what kind of data they can mine from your posting by mobile?

How to format posts ?

Already it is a pain to format post in Blogger's editor - wrapping text around an image is almost impossible.

Just wondering what happens to the formatting when I post through my cell.

Just a relaunch

To me, it's just a relaunch of Mail-To-Blogger.

Nothing new here.

I will stick with Flickr


Seems like they are just trying to bring the features in line with Typepad... about time too

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