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Revenge of the Sith is the greatest Star Wars film ever.
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Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc reviews revenge of the sith and labels it a dark, brutal bloodbath...

In fact, it's a damn good listen, so if you're avoiding work on a Friday, and are looking forward to Revenge' then download the mp3


Better than Empire? Sorry.

Empire is quite possibly the best film ever made. Right up there with Godfather 2 and Casablanca.

I knew Empire. Empire is a good film. Sith, you're no Empire.

I'm going to a press showing of RotS on Wednesday...

be back with a (brief) review after lunch

RotS Review

Well, that was interesting! Overall, a good effort, visually impressive, but (there had to be a but, didn't there?) the film felt quite rushed in places. I had to do a fair bit of filling in the blanks for myself, as the action flicked from one place to another without adequately explaining WHY. For those of us familiar with the background, it's not a problem, but some people are going to be confused.

It's as if the film suddenly realises that it has to cover most of a trilogies worth of plot, but only has one film left to do it in, so this installment suffers from the shortcomings of the earlier ones.

Having said that, Anakins fall is handled well, and each step into the darkness follows logically from what goes before, so you can see his transformation from young Jedi to Dark Lord of the Sith, and even though you know how it's all going to end, you actually care somewhat about the poor lad, being so misled by his "friend" Palpatine.

This is aided by a much better performance from Hayden Christensen, and solid turns from Ewan MacGregor, Samuel L Jackson and the CGI team (Yoda rocks!).

For those who care about such things, there are a few jarring notes; Yodas revelation that Jedi can communicate from beyond the grave, and his recent talks with Qui Gonn are simply dropped in to justify crucial scenes from Episodes 4 - 6, and Bail Organa appears just enough to justify his adoption of Leia, without actually using up much screen time. Also, Padme dies immediately after giving birth, which contradicts Leias later assertion in Jedi that she remebers her mother.

You can't fault the set pieces though, several large battles both in space and on the ground, as well as curiously affecting sequence where the Jedi are betrayed and all those out on active service are cut down by their clone followers. All of these take place against gorgeous backdrops, although curiously little use is made of Kashyyyk or the Wookies.

A fine ending to the first trilogy then, but it all have been so much better.... a victory for commercialism over the fans IMO


thanks TT,
and congrats to commercialism which pays my bills :)


How did the Ewoks succeed where the Wookies failed? That is the most important question for this film to answer. :)

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