Amazon Leaks PalmOne LifeDrive info

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The Register is running a story of leaked PalmOne LifeDrive information. It is due to ship on 18 May - a week on Wednesday - for $500, and there are pictures of the PowerBook-styled aluminium-looking PDA. The source apparently is not verified, so you never know

The piccies reveal it does indeed integrate Wi-Fi wireless networking. It clearly runs the Palm OS.

Well, not quite. According to the page, it was posted not by PalmOne or, but by an affiliate seller. So the possibility remains that it's all nonsense


Palm PDA market share down to 18%? They deserve it.

Palm can go to hell. For a multi-million dollar corporation, what's the excuse for a lack of software updates or releases, or their consistently bad handhelds that fail to integrate even the most basic features, not to mention something as "complex" as integrated wi-fi? (So what if this new glorfied iPod has it? It's a bare minimum, way too late in the game.)

Where is the Cobalt OS anyway? We've been waiting for that for what, 3 years?

Palm's market share is now down to 18% - down from 40% a year ago. And they deserve it.


I'm really curious about this one (read: drooling), and can't wait to read some reviews. I don't need it but I do want the wifi capability.

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