1 Million Telewest UK Customers Blacklisted

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Spam blacklist targets Telewest
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The BBC report that around 1 million users of UK ISP Telewest have been blacklisted by Spam Prevention Early Warning System (SPEWS) whose blacklists are used by many of the email filter systems. Getting these customers off the blacklist may take some time. It is getting to a point where one does not know which is worse, the problem or the solution.

In a statement Telewest said: ""We are aware of the increase in e-mail volumes due to customers' PCs which have been infected by worms and viruses."

The solution is going to be not exactly quick.

Telewest also said it was working on a more permanent solution to problem by installing security systems within its network. It added that later this year it will also make a package of PC protection measures available to Blueyonder customers.

Not everyone is happy about this method of blacking

Matt Peachey, European director of Ironport software which monitors net addresses to spot which ones have been hijacked by spammers. Mr Peachey said Spews tended to block big chunks of net addresses rather than the few within that range that are actually spamming. "I would challenge the idea that all the net addresses they are blocking are spamming," he said.

In the meantime 1 million punters will be getting emails blocked, and will have no idea even that they have been binned in spam filters.


SledgeHammers and Nuts

Seeing this reminded me of what happened to me the other day when trying to use dns reportvia my ntl home connection.

They seem to have a customer who has overstepped the mark ...

Sorry, you have triggered our rate limiting system. Specifically, you are using NTL, a very poor Internet provider that forces all their customers to share the same IP address (using a 'web proxy'). We are not aware of any other major ISP that does this. It means that when one of their customers does something bad (which happens often), it looks like you did it.

Please contact NTL and ask to be removed from their 'web proxy', or find another Internet provider, or you can try waiting until the ban is removed.

I don't profess to know very much about the mechanics and all, but you'd think there'd be a better solution to such things be it mail or general abuse of resources.

Been there

Here in Belgium, we've encountered that problem several times with our ISP (the county's #1 out of, well 2 or 3 maybe ...): SpamCop was especially aggressive in blacklisting everything from this source. Would take ages to get delisted.

(Stupid thing, too: their SMTP server's named "relay.******.be" - brilliant idea when everybody was out on a witchhunt against open relays, humph.)

Sue them, screw them - no other way to make them get their act together.


I'm in Thailand and the same thing's been happening to me for some time. There are perhaps half-a-dozen ISPs here and the biggest ones get blacklisted from time to time. Early last year email I sent to AOL users stopped reaching them. I contacted AOL and they actually responded, albeit a useless response. And a customer of mine in the UK no longer can receive my email as of December last year. I have to use alternative outgoing email servers to reach customers in various locations.

Seems a rather stupid approach to spam filtering since if a customer emails me it is likely they expect a response from my email address and it is unlikely to be spam.

Email blacklists

I was interested in this because I have been re-evaluating my owm spam filters.

1. I now get around 800 emails a day.
2. I wash them through Gmail and my own ISP before they get to my computer, where they are filtered agin
3. I could not run my life/my business without email filters
4. Very little rubbish gets through to me.
5. Should I be worried that real emails are getting filtered out? I really don't know, checks of the filters show no false negatives. Or indeed what is being taken out before it gets to filters I can see.
6. On balance I'll take my chances with what I now have, I could not deal with the volume of email spam without them.

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