Will Clusty.com Be the Next Google?

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Clusty is one of Fortune's 25 breakout companies for 2005. Unfortunately although Fortune ask the question, they don't give the answer. The article is basically a walk through of a search on the meta-search engine.

At the end of the article you can vote for either Snap.com, Answers.com, Clusty.com or None of the above who will become the new search king. Interestingly when I did it, Snap was the overwhelming winner with 64.7% - 2nd was Answers with 29.8%, my pick of None of the above came way down at 3.1% and poor dusty Clusty.com hit rock bottom at 2.3%.


Did you want the short answer?

No, because they are not offering anything new.

VivĂ­simo Inc., their owner, has been around for a while, and seem to believe that a good marketing team is all you need for success. That cannot be so, as I can't even remember the names of earlier attempts, just that they came with Big Promises ... then faded.

"Its technology has received rave reviews and awards" - classic press release stuff - no examples given to back it up, no examples of success.

And is that logo tatty or what?


While it is true that Clusty offer nothing new, their results are really quite good. You never know what will catch the public eye.

You never know what will catch the public eye

True enough; can't discount them utterly. But I'd be very surprised if they make serious inroads without a serious claim to fame; brand loyalty takes some shifting, and clustering has been the next big thing for a while, now - probably too long.

And some have had MUCH better-looking logos ;o)


The logos's a badge - as in an embroidered badge like something your mum would sew on your jumper when you won it at primary school. I wouldn't have gone with it personally but I think it's considered and from a marketing point of view I can stretch a point.

Google, after all, have done OK with a drop shadow on an obscure font and a quick play with some websafe colours. Logo's don't have to be special or clever to work. Yahoo are hardly groundbreaking either.

I would use Clusty quite a bit except they always seem to be so slow to pick up pages, which amazes me considering. They return about 15% on average of the results I get from other SE's for most phrases and while they are normally the most relevant ones the occasional glaring omission and the problems with research when so few are returned means I don't habitually use them.

If they sorted their index out though I'd be a huge fan.

I just wish they would update their wiki pics already...


And oh yeah: Clusty shows desktop.google.com for the keyword "google" via natural algos, whereas Google have probably tweaked their serps for "google" just a tad (it was on #1 yesterday - they moved it to #2.5 today) - hehehe.

embroidered badge

I can see what it's meant to be - it's just badly done. I'm no graphic artist, but I could better that - and keep it in focus. Both Google and Yahoo! have clean logos, not smudged ones. It matters, as it draws the eye - it shouldn't do that.


Maybe the badge is a girl thing, although I quite like it actually. Ouch!

But don't get me wrong - I'm a designer :-]


>>slow to pick up pages, which amazes me considering.

If you look at their lineup of engines they are pretty much relying on MSN for the freshest results. That might be asking too much from such a new SE. Ask is the other big engine they use and freshness has always been one of Ask's weakest points.

What I have found tho is remarkably good SERP's for the informational type searches I do daily. (Which is the lion's share.) None of the search engines used by Clusty would be good enough for use by me on it's own (Ask comes the closest) but put them all together as Clusty has and it produces darn good SERP's.

I don't want to leave Gigablast and Wisenut out of the mix either, they seem to rank differently enough from the 4 major SE's that they dig up some very useful sites that get buried in the majors.


>Snap was the overwhelming winner with 64.7%

Battelle's been publicly blowing (kisses to) Snap for a few months now but I don't think even he can create a market --maybe he needs to enlist Scoble, too. Search is primarily reliant upon branding and marketing to differentiate them now, not tech. IMHO, if we're to watch anyone it'd be Diller. http://www.threadwatch.org/node/2014

Clusty Rocks!

There are definitly issues with Clusty and other meta search engines but they are appealing in some instances. It makes sense to rank sites on how many times they show up on other engines, although as others have stated, changes and new pages can be slow to show up.

The idea is solid, I'm sure someone will find a solid platform and make it work eventually.

However, my opinion is definitly biased, I am #1 for all of my keywords in clusty.


where the hell are results 9 and 10?

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