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Mediaweek is reporting on a new study from Yahoo! and Harrisdirect tested the effects of a display ad campaign run across the Yahoo network on search behavior.

The study found users shown Harrisdirect display ads conducted 61 percent more searches relating to financial services. Those shown display ads also clicked on 249 percent more paid search listings and 139 percent more Harrisdirect search listings, both paid and unpaid.

The sample was not insignificant at 2 million users. More info in the article.


Display ads, the way to go?

The study did not examine if the group exposed to display ads were more likely to convert after clicking on search results, for example.

Interesting that display ads are not measured on return. Most brand theme advertising is not (indeed cannot) be measured for return (TV, press, posters, etc)

One wonders with Google (when they manage to sign up a reasonable number of display advertisers) how those display advertisers will decide on the "price to bid". Will it be an "economic" price tied to the return, or will it merely be what the market has set for current context ads.


Very interesting insight. I observed something similar with my own behavior.

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