Setting up shop in the kitchen

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Well i've spent all day moving house, and after a few false starts have finally managed to get online - this has to be the longest period offline for me in years, a whole day! Sheesh....

We've done okay though. Had excellent moving men, no major traumas and despite things being a bit erratic over the next 48hrs, normal service will now resume :)

Funny though, our little dog, sam, really didnt like it very much, she whined and skulked and generally looked a bit sorry for herself all day (the big one, bailey, had no such issues and was happy to "help" with everything...), though a long walk in the forrest that our new place sits right on the edge of took her mind off things and she's now busy catching up on her beauty sleep....

Robyn doesn't seem to care much, and Ivana is not too stressed, so all in all a good day!

Now all i have to do is try to catch up on the news and check through the active threads and make sure all is well - i shouldn't think there's much needs doing but being away from your baby all day is traumatic, and once i've eaten, i need to spend some time reaquainting....


Welcome home then

both offline and on, heh!
And take it easy - moving house is always a bit like getting blitzed ...


Thanks ralph, needless to say things have not gone smoothly since my last post, but my flakey connection has been re established...

What an excellent thread this turned out to be eh?


>>my flakey connection has been re established

Yep, that'd work...



Yes, it's a great read!

Have fun at the new place, sounds fab.

Yep, that is a great thread, apart from the typo in the title. ;-)

Welcome home Nick and Family.

apart from the typo in the title

Yeah, forces me to put stuff like "[sic]" behind when linking to it, tsk:
Phishermans Friend GWA still downloadable


Well, im still in the bloody kitchen - PC spread all over the table heh..

however, i have managed to setup the wifi card today, only took me about 4 sodding hours, so tomorrow morning im moving shop to the new office upstairs :)

It's no fun moving house, but it's been nice weather and i got to build a lawnmower today which was fun...

You're building your own LAWNMOWER?!

What next? Bloody Amazing Nick ...

Does it have WiFi access? :-)



i may have overstated my lawnmowing activities heh.. All i really had to do was mount the engine, put some pieces together and fill it full of gas - one of those postal jobs where the real tricky bits are done, all you have to do is join them all together :)

Still ...

the "Lawnmower SEO" seems like a nice nickname, he he.

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