Alta Vista & Cisco Hackers

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Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal
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I had never head of this trial but seemingly Laurence Chavet is in deep doo-doo after being found guilty after his 2002 offence.

In pleading guilty, Mr. Chavet, 30, who now lives in Kirkland, Wash., admitted to using the username and password of an Alta Vista employee to gain unauthorized access to Alta Vista's computer network from his home computer in San Mateo, prosecutors say. Mr. Chavet's plea says his actions deleted data files on the Alta Vista computers.

I wonder if they will throw the book at him or just be sensible.

Meanwhile in Sweeden The Times (London) is reporting that a global investigation into the theft of a key piece of software that forms the "backbone" of the worldwide web has led to an arrest of a suspected teenaged hacker in Sweden.

The stolen software is used to power routers which control the flow of information over the internet. This includes Cisco's 7000 series, which forms the worldwide web's spine.

The software giant said it was "encouraged" by news of the detention in Sweden, which had involved "the help of many law enforcement agencies".

Both the CIA and Scotland Yard's bobbies have been on the beat to catch the naughty lad who had the code posted on a Russian web site.


re: the Times story

I mentioned this to a Cisco tech I know this morning, his reply was "hopefully he fixed the bugs while he was at it" :-)

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