Doug Heil (ihelpyou) Duped by Arelis Email

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The "RIGHT" way to do Links
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Here's one to give you a chuckle on a dreary Tuesday morning: Doug Heil writes about a link exchange request he got, expounds upon the virtues of said email and instructs his followers to:

"Learn from this email. Copy it and use the darn thing yourself"

It was an automated scraper request generated by Arelis ;-)

To be fair to Doug though, it was a pretty well written email, still obviously machine generated though. If you're not familiar with Doug's views, he hates almost anything automated.

"You can bet that very soon,..... more strict penalties will be applied to links pages, and this link stuff won't mean too much. More types of good filters are in the works that will stop these auto type programs from surviving. I hate them. I hate spam"

"Auto programs will be illegal as well since they cost websites lots of money when they scrape code "without" permission"


You know..

...that really says it all.

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