Sandbox Monkeys Phishing for KW URLs

V7N Gfx Contest Winner
The winner of the v7n gfx contest has been announced. Congrats to TranceSpeeder - Pretty dont ya think? Wonder how much time he/she spent getting the perfect look for that avatar? heh!

Monkeybusiness with Links
A guy called linkmonkey posted at WPW asking for linkhunters and offering $0.15 a link. Some chap posted 100 links to linkmonkey's site in the thread and demanded $15 - Killer! :)

Phishing for Savvy Users
Came across this article on how tabbed browsing poses some all to real security threats. Beware of dodgy dialogues... Thanks Gurtie!

Want to know how to break sandbox? - DONT read this!
Andy Hagan talks rubbish at ISEDB - Really, i've never seen such utter bollocks in my life. ought to be ashamed of themselve for publishing such crap. How anyone can say "this is how to break sandbox" with not even a passing reference to some research or authorititive work is quite beyond me.

Still, if ISEDB let you just make up any old shite and get it published, i might have a go myself... C'mon Andy, let's have a little side order of fact with that fiction eh?

Adobe Going Linux?
Adobe dipping toes into desktop linux waters source: slashdot

Yawn Fest KW Stuff
KW's in Urls - Yawn....
I cant see that it's either particularly good research or any more interesting than watching paint dry...


drain his account

I could get him 35000 links by sunrise - think he'd pay? LOL

Time to look what they have made us become...

>linkmonkey posted at WPW asking for linkhunters and offering $0.15 a link

I put the deal to my 7 year old, didn't quite catch all she said but I'm pretty sure she said something like "find where he breeds, destroy the nest".

Take from that what you will.