Tightening up Firefox Security & Privacy

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Linux Insider
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Two new products proclaiming to make Firefox better on security and privacy are released this week. The first is the $59.95 Anonymizer total privacy suite which is released tomorrow.

The suite integrates three Anonymizer programs -- Anonymous Surfing, Anti-Spyware and digital shredding capabilities -- into a single solution that protects Firefox users from hidden digital threats.

The second piece was released yesterday and comes in the lite (free) version and the pro ($19.95) version. This piece works on both Firefox and Exploder.

Both software versions of FraudEliminator block users from fraudulent Web sites on the Internet and mark the first advanced anti-fraud tool for Mozilla's FireFox browser. FraudEliminator is a free, advertising-free addition for FireFox and Internet Explorer to help protect users by automatically finding and blocking online fraud.

Something else to load?


What about Netcraft toolbar and SpyBlaster?

Seems like FraudEliminator is an extension that basically puts Netcraft Toolbar and SpyBlaster functionality in the browser. That's kind of cool. Seems like this will be done for free soon though.

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