If Google Won't Provide It, Someone Else Will....

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ScrappyGoo - Google News Feed Scraper
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So, you can't get Google news in RSS, of all the Search related tech that surrounds search engines Google fall woefully behind with RSS, but Tim Yang has now made his Google News RSS Scraper available so all is well...



The free PHP for doing this has been around for a while, better off doing it yourself as that is a smaller target


The concern here is that this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last time some one offers a service like this, but they always manage to get pulled down or shut out of Google eventually.

Personally I'm finding the usefulness of Google News diminishing every day (they kick the Blog Herald out but then go and accept any number of really, really crappy blogs) and between Topix and Yahoo! (both through feeds) I'm getting the bulk of what I need from them. PRWeb has recently launched contextual RSS feeds as well, further negating the need to use Google. It's got to be only a matter of time until they slip from first position, news junkies like their RSS feeds, its the best way to read news.

And I'm ...

I'm getting my RSS feeds through Opera8, which displays a (clickable!) RSS button in the address bar on sites with feeds, then allows you to set how often you want *each* of your RSS subscriptions checked. Then a little slide-up notification appears when new posts appear on subscribed-to sites. All that means I don't have to log in anywhere to check.

I've tried to kid Nick that I'm going to set O8 to check TW every five minutes, but I'm getting no reaction. <grin>

This is one crazy ride

The internet never fails to amaze me. There, I thought it would only be used by the 3 or 4 people reading my site... Suddenly, my bandwidth's supersized.

To say the least, ...

...I'm now scared to answer that knock on the door...

Customized GoogleNews

Wish Google could provide an RSS for my Customized Google News Page.

I will never ever have to visit Google News then.

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