Microsoft Red Screen of Death!

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Microsoft has come up with a unique solution to the legendary 'blue screen of death' in the next version of its Windows operating system. With the release of Longhorn, the Redmond behemoth has added a red screen to face users when their system crashes.

The red screen of death appears to be the bigger, badder cousin to the traditional blue screen and is designed to let users know that a more serious error has occurred, Kaplan said.


I personally prefer

if they add a temporary, say 1 hour, black screen of death. That's the moment one is forced to go out and enjoy the sun.



What about lime if you're on a money page?


Cool, no more BSOD. So that makes it a better product then. Must buy - heh.

Gotta say that I can't remember my XP crashing into a BSOD - ever...

{now where did I put that cheque...}

Cool, no more BSOD - Wrong.

The BSOD remains. The RSOD indicates a more severe error (unless I read the article wrong).


Forget the Psychological Impact of the Color Red


Teresa M. Kutchma; Faculty mentor Edison Perdomo, Ph.D.
Minnesota State University, Mankato

...It was found that subjects in red the red room condition had higher stress rating scores compared to green or white room conditions. Consequently, the findings suggest that environment color plays a significant role in stress perception.

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Why not put "Don't panic"

on the screen in large, friendly letters? Ring a bell? :-)

BTW, Wit: feel free to drop by and see an XP Pro system crashing to BSOD about 3-4 times a day currently ... :-(


I just love all the cutting edge innovation coming out of M$.

It's going to be big is still available :-)

Don't Panic

They really should give that one some serious thought. Large, friendly letters & all that - calms people right down.


>> ...feel free to drop by...

Depends on where you live EXACTLY fanto. Shouldn't be too far off my old neighbourhood: best beer (lager) town in B :-]

About a 3 hours's drive

Wit, about 25 meters from the German border - that's where XP PRO is meeting its nemesis, he!

for support companies

this is a godsend.

Now when users phone and rabbit on about getting the bsod we can just say "was it blue? not red? no reddish tinge? then shut up whining and give it a reboot"


Hmmm - fanto - Voeren???

Will roughly pass in a month and a half on my way to Luxembourg... I'll wave at the very least.

Wit: B├╝llingen

about 25 km off St. Vith. Sure - will wave back, he!


>was it blue? not red? no reddish tinge?

Gurtie, you've been around NFFC far too much.

Don't Panic..., that will be the text on the upcoming "Lavender Screen of Death" for less serious errors in their next, even more secure, much friendlier, entirely bug-free OS...

...expected release date: 2025.

That reminds me...

of my old, beloved Amiga 2000. They had the best error screens:

Red: An error in ROM was detected
Green: An error in CHIP RAM was detected
Blue: An error in the custom chips was detected
Yellow: The CPU encountered an error before the system's
error-trapping code (the code that calls up the
Guru) was in place

And THEN there was the very cool (but cryptic) "Guru Meditation Error" which was a reference to a wierd "joystick" kind of thing that you would sit on and rock back and forth to control. It was common to get into the lotus position, fold your arms and buzz around games :D

Apparently the thought was that you should sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, thus the "Guru Meditiation Error", or Guru for short.

I see M$ is still trying to catch up to a 20 year old operating system...


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