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Marissa's PR Blog
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Well, not really, but the parody of Marissa Mayer's PR Blog is pretty damn funny, and i'm guessing from the source (SG) of this find, and the writing style, that we all know the author....

Hi, my name's Marissa. I'm head of consumer web products for a company you may have heard of. There's absolutely nothing wrong with our products, even though they're perpetually in beta, the user experience is perfect I tell you, perfect. Or it will be as soon as those webmaster thingies modify the web for us.



In my RSS reader (Safari) it shows the author as Denise, even though it says "posted by Marissa" in the entry itself.


we were hoping people wouldn't notice.

You just can't get a decent hackable free blog programme these days can you?.

(and why does everyone blame me?, at least half of it is Chris, I must just look guilty....)

Must be the moron webmasters

as always, yeah. :-)

Really funny stuff!

Just got back from the pub

And that did have me going for a second..


That's just a hoot. No pub needed :-]


Ouch. Seems almost kind of personal, which is hard to to find pretty. I get uncomfortable when it's about the people, rather than the company itself.

It's like the Borg, Brian

they're absorbed into the common conciousness and all become fair game.

Besides which Marissa has enough sway that if she wanted to do proper PR she could - if she refuses to do anything but charm the occasional journalist and ignore the rest of us then we have to amuse ourselves.....

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