Search Marketing Association Europe Officially Launches

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The SMA-EU officially launched today, after months of preperation....

he European association aims to bring together search marketers from throughout the European continent and all countries bordering with it – to represent their needs to government and the major suppliers in the industry – including the search engines. It also aims to enhance the research, training and support available to search marketers.


Works fine for me


and me



> after months of preperation....

Actually, after months of our usual work + after hours preperation on SMA, to be more correct :)

Aside from the joking, I think it's important to point out that SMA-EU is very much a "grass root" type of organisation at this point. We don't expect to cash in big on member fees (especially with the early discount) and we don't want (so far) to take huge grants from the engines. That makes us poor by definition so most of what we have is ... well, us. Not just the few of us that took the initial steps to form the organisation but all of you that want to take part of this movement.

On a side note I'd like to thank all of the people that initially stood up and have spend an awfull lot of times getting to where we are now. Some of us has spend full days away from our usual work and have personally paid for flight tickets and hotels to meet with the group. Money none of us ever expect to get back - we did it because we all wanted SMA-EU to get off the ground and help push it in (what we think) is the right direction. Hopefully you'll like some of it :) Honestly, we are nothing than a bunch of folks that took the first few steps to start this. What happens next is all up to you - or more rightly us.

Please help us get SMA in the right direction by signing up and nominate the people you think will best represent your interests in this industry.

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