yTunes Spanks Competition with Low Cost Music

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There's an enormous amount of coverage out there today about Yahoo's new low cost music service and music engine. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to post all day, despite the frequent pm's about it, emails and blog posts...

It's not that i dont like music, or that i find it uninteresting as a story so much as "where do you draw the line" with what we report on here at Threadwatch? Traditionally games and music get minimal coverage.

Jeremy's yTunes post made me laugh though, and the AP story running the headline Yahoo Low-Cost Music Service Hurts Rivals made me want to throw this one out there....


oh well

iPod Users: If you're an iPod user with a Windows-based PC, you can transfer music you already own to an Apple iPod using the Yahoo! Music Engine. Unfortunately, iPods are not currently compatible with the Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription service.

oh well 2

System Requirements
* Microsoft Windows XP or 2000
* Internet Explorer 6.0+
* Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher


Does anyone know how this will affect Yahoo owned MusicMatch? Will they eventually fold the two together to make just one service?

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