Self Replicating Robots

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Robots building robots
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A robot that makes functional copies of itself was announced this week in the journal Nature. Researchers at Cornell University's Computational Synthesis Lab say their robot is a working example of machine self-replication and evidence that self-reproduction is not unique to biology.

"Self-replication is not a binary 'you can or you can't' proposition," he said. "It's more of a continuum ranging from high dependence on the environment, like our robot, or lower dependence, such as a rabbit, which can seek out food and mates."

Brilliant video



Let's get these folks hired for some serious click botting LOL

"the Cornell bot does nothing but reproduce"

My favorite part: "However, the Cornell bot does nothing but reproduce."

Depending on your perception of time, it's arguable that this is all any living thing really does! :)

Good read.

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