Sky go for Podcasting

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Sky use Podcasting
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Read alot about Podcasting on Threadwatch but had not seen a big company take it up, but found today that Sky News do!

Anyone else seen any large companies go for it?,,30000-1179244,00.html

This lets you download the latest audio news and sports reports from Sky News Radio to your mp3 player so you can listen when and where you like.

They must be able to get some good advertising money from this service.



yeah, the bbc do for starters, and there's actually quite a lot more though im hard pressed to deliver a list of names ;(


Infinity Broadcasting is playing with it a bit by putting user-submitted podcast on an old AM station in San Francisco KYOUradio and Sirius is launching a podcast show with Adam Curry starting tomorrow. I think NPR and KCRW also have podcast materials available somewhere.

Pocast Search Engine


Thought this may be of interest:

TVEyes, the real-time broadcast search provider, today announced that it is accepting all forms of audio and video submissions for indexing by keyword at:

This announcement follows TVEyes' successful launch of Podscope(sm), the first engine to search within a podcast, in early April. In addition to these submissions, Podscope will continue to crawl the Internet for relevant audio and video files to be indexed by the spoken word.


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