W3C Launch Mobile Web Initiative

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W3C Launches Mobile Web Initiative
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It's a bit bloody late, but better late than never. The W3C have launched the Mobile Web Initiative in a bid to get members of the mobile community (hardware and software) to play nice before it all goes dreadfully pear shaped...

World Wide Web technologies have become the key enablers for access to the Internet through desktop and notebook computing platforms. Web technologies have the potential to play the same role for Internet access from mobile devices. However, today, mobile Web access suffers from interoperability and usability problems that make the Web difficult to use for most mobile phone subscribers. W3C’s "Mobile Web Initiative” (W3C MWI) proposes to address these issues through a concerted effort of key players in the mobile production chain, including authoring tool vendors, content providers, handset manufacturers, browser vendors and mobile operators.

Currently, the W3C MWI is focussing on developing "best practices" for "mobileOK" Web sites, work on device information needed for content adaptation, and marketing and outreach activities.


Good news

It's about time this happened to ensure that web developers can be reasonably confident of their designs working on a variety of phones. Anyone who has tried to design for mobiles up to now has probably realised that the problems with compatability and even just access to the phones to test is a bit of a nightmare. Let's hope this helps.

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