Need a brothel? Ask Google

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Need a brothel? Ask Google
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I saw this wonderful headline in The Register and had to check it out for myself. Sure enough, when I took an area of Cornwall, asked for my local brothels, up comes the answer. Screen print below shows it to be a hotel in St Ives. I don't know what Google knows about this place, nor do I know what state of the art technology brings it up but I would guess the owners might be upset. I tried it for a number of places at random, and it always delivers an answer. Secret brothels all over the UK?

The writer in the Register got Kent County Police Headquarters. You have to hand it to G for the research they do. Could be based on recorded browsing results that are being salted away from all sources maybe, that shows where the brothels are!


They are getting annoyed already

Information week has a quote from someone who came up under "brothel" -

Leslee Unruh, the president of Abstinence Clearinghouse, an organization that connects advocates of abstinence before marriage, was more than taken aback by the labeling of her office as a bawdyhouse.

"This isn't accidental," she claimed. "I think this is deliberate. Abstinence is under fire, we're under siege. Our opponents are trying to discredit the largest organization in the world that networks abstinence educators."

Wonder if they have flaged Nick's new house in Denmark


I haven't looked at the examples above but the original one was the kent police headquarters and it seems to be caused by Google supplementing the Yell! results (which presumably don't list Brothels?) with a Google search which pulls up a page with the police address on it so you can complain to them.

It could be the next big thing after googlebowling - don't get them dropped from the index just send the men in macs around :)

I gotta pass this on

My local newspaper might be happy at this. It seems that the the best restaurant in Edinburgh offers things to eat that don't come on a plate. The Edinburgh Film festival is one as is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society.

My wife obviously hasn't been cheating on me, or at least not charging for it. She is going to kill me when she reads this.


Googlebrothelling? Heh Gurtie - evil streak?


No brothels in Copenhagen. Not even a single one - i thought i knew something else. Then again, Copenhagen wasn't even in the UK last time i checked. What do i know - Google probably knows better than me...


Wasn't Copenhagen the capital of Holland? Getting closer then... :-]

Happily its just on Google Maps..

And the George W centered, English speaking world

Only shows UK, USA and Canada. A truely wonderful view of the world, eh.

Interesting in Baton Rouge it's the Office of The Governor

Im sure Gov. Blanco is loving that and I thought they had to move out of the manison due to mold...hehehe

too bad

for me in nyc it is only showing newspaper offices, museums and locations of the "born into brothel" film


Museums are useful for lots of stuff...

Thanks Wit :)

I'm going to take that as a compliment.

I'm rather dissapointed by the adsense on this thread. I would have hoped at least for 'best value brothels from e-bay'.


Afraid anything with "cornwall" on it goes my way with Adsense :)


You not into brothels then - Cornwall?


Of course =)


I thought, until now, that nobody knew how I really made my money.

Gasp, Google has all this information on me and it was bound to get out sooner or later. Guess they sifted my info off Gmail, toolbar, accelerator, cookie, searches, etc and worked it out.


Afraid anything with "cornwall" on it goes my way with Adsense :)

but you do post here often enough to starts TW's adsense banners showing ads for Cornwall B&B :)s


Hmmm, what does B&B stand for in this case??? (don't answer)

do i sense a challenge?

Afraid anything with "c-rnwall" on it goes my way with Adsense :)

is this a challenge to see if future responses can dethrone c-rnwall from the adsense :)

I would never play silly games like trying to change the adsense ads. I hope Google local can find many Copenhagen places. Copenhagen is a great place. If I walk down Copenhagen streets, I find Copenhagen brothels filled with Copenhagen people spending Copenhagen money and returning to Copenhagen hotels before they go out and enjoy Copenhagen restaurants.



Hehe, now it's "0ld west br0thels" and "class1c c0ttages". No Copenhagen yet.

No C-penhagen, still Cornwall

Who me play silly games. More brothels in C-penhagen than in Cornwall.

And still awash with Cornwall ads

Feel a moderator approaching!

copenhagen copenhagen copenhagen copenhagen copenhagen

i think i recall from earlier experiments like this that it's the opening post that carries most value to adsense. it's kind of hard to overrule it even if you spa... hmm.. write Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen a lot of times


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I don't know why you'd want to a change the adsense to show Copenhagen-Malmö packages, its not like people who want to travel to Copenhagen will come her to look for Copenhagen Hotels, or a Copenhagen city guide.

Why would anyone expect to find a travel guide to Denmark on this site - we never talk about Hans Christian Andersen, discuss the best schools for learning Danish in Denmark, or even Fjords.

Actually, its a shame that Nick doesn't tell us more about living and working in Denmark.


Of course, these posts may be too far away from the Adsense to make a difference...



Funny thread, glad you lot managed to find something daft to discuss while i was offline last night :)

I felt quite guilty for not putting something stupid up for everyone to get into yesterday, but i figured you'd find your own amusement heh...

FWIW, im getting c*rnwall adsense in denmark also...

Local Coverage

I said above that I thought my local paper would be interested. It seems they are.

One web site contacted the Kent Police

Looks as if the Kent police do not think it funny!

When contacted the Kent and County Constabulary HQ our enquiry was met with the comment: "Google is aware of it and is dealing with it. I do not think that people will get us confused with a brothel. That's not a quote."

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