Cars safe from computer viruses

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Cars safe from computer viruses
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When you think about it, most cars today use computer chips in one way or another. The BBC has a report of tests done to see if your car can "catch a computer virus". Many security firms fear that the increasing number of computers and communications system on cars will eventually make them vulnerable to the viruses that plague desktop machines. As yet, your car will still be controlled by you, not a virus, but it makes you think - one day maybe.

In January this year stories began circulating that some models of Lexus Landcruiser, particularly the LX470 and LS430, were vulnerable to phone viruses that travel via the Bluetooth short-range radio system.

All attempts to infect the car failed

The car did not even react when F-Secure used a special program to transfer the Cabir file.

The only problems with the car emerged when the battery was drained by all the testing. The only problem that F-Secure found was caused by a corrupted phone name.


my last car

used to report the engine was missing every time they plugged the computer into it.


All systems can be hacked. Period. The question is how difficult it is and if anyone with the right skills and time will actually do it. That can only be a guess.

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