Durex does X-Rated Podcast Product Placement

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Durex Condoms Makes Podcast Buy
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Adrants tells us (although adage broke the story last week, but they're hard to link to so on that basis they can bugger off..) that Durex are making product placement buys on a popular podcast show, Dawn and Drew and taking full advantage of the non FCC regulated medium...

The deal with the PodcastAlley number 2 ranked podcast involves "unscripted X-rated banter" as reported by Ad Age. Omnicom Group's Fitzgerald & Co. SVP and Chief Media Officer (how's that for a fancy title?) explained approach to the buy to Ad Age, saying, "Nobody wants to get slapped with an FCC fine. ... The thing about condoms is that young adults look at them and are kind of concerned about how they’re going to feel, and they’re a little embarrassed to spend a lot of time in front of the store display. By showing people interacting with the brand makes it seem like something you don’t need to be embarrassed about."

Posted for the sheer silliness...